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Designating Equivalent Products

For each product you define, you can designate one or more other products as equivalent products. You can then display these products and compare their product features. You can also assign a ranking to the equivalent products that reflects their degree of equivalence.

Equivalent products differ from substitute products in that they do not automatically display in the Field Service Details view.

You can designate one of the equivalent products as the primary equivalent product. The equivalent primary product is the one displayed in the Equivalent Products field in the product definition and other places where the display allows only one equivalent product to be shown.

To designate equivalent products

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select the desired product.
  3. In the product form, click the show more button to expand the form.

    Expanding the form displays the Equivalent Product field.

  4. Click the select button in the Equivalent Product field.

    A dialog box appears. It lists all the equivalent products you have defined for this product.

  5. Click New to add an equivalent product.

    The dialog box displays a query form.

  6. Query for the desired product and click OK.

    The product appears in the Equivalent Products list in the dialog box.

  7. Click in the Primary field to select the desired primary equivalent product.
  8. Click OK to exit the dialog box.

    The primary equivalent product appears in the Equivalent Product field in the product record.

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