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About Product Bundles

A product bundle is a group of products sold as a package. If you create a product bundle, the user cannot change the items in the bundle or their quantity. If you want the user to be able to select the items, you must use a customizable product instead of a product bundle.

A product bundle is itself a product and has a product record. It can also have a part number. You price bundles by assigning them a list price. You cannot use ePricer to create roll-up pricing based on components or on attributes of components in a bundle. You also cannot use attribute-based pricing to set the price of a bundle based on the attributes of the bundle as a whole.

When you create a bundle, it is added to the product master. This means you can add the bundle to any quote or order. Product packages that you create in a quote or order are bundles that are specific to that quote or order. They are not added to the product master.

You must create a bundle record for each product you add to a bundle. A bundle record has the following fields:

  • Product. The product name.
  • Part #. The product part number.
  • Description. A brief description of the bundle. This does not display to users.
  • Quantity. The quantity of the product you want to include in the bundle.
  • Sequence. The order in which products in the bundle display in quotes and orders.
  • Forecastable. A check mark in this field means that the product will be added to product forecasts when the bundle is included in a quote and the user updates the related opportunity.
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