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Creating a Simple Product Bundle

A simple product bundle is a group of products offered as package. The user cannot change the items in the bundle or their quantity.

To create a simple product bundle, you first create a product record for the bundle. Then you add products to the bundle. After creating the bundle, see Pricing Administration Guide to set up pricing.

Observe the following guidelines and restrictions when creating a simple product bundle:

  • The quantity of a product in a bundle can be greater than one. When creating a quote or purchasing the bundle, users cannot change the quantity of a product in the bundle. The user cannot change which items are in the bundle.
  • When users add bundles to quotes and orders, the products in the bundle display as line items beneath the bundle's product name.
  • You can add a product bundle to another product bundle.
  • You can add a customizable product to a bundle.
  • When you add a bundle to a customizable product, the user can change the quantity of components in the bundle during a configuration session.
  • You can convert a bundle to a customizable product and you can convert a customizable product to a bundle.

To create a product bundle

  1. Navigate to Product Administration and create a product record.

    Enter the name of the bundle in the Product field.

  2. Click Bundle Administration.

    The Bundle Administration list appears.

  3. In Bundle Administration, click Modify then click New and create a new record.
  4. In the new record, click in the Product field to display the select button. Click the select button to display the Pick Product dialog box.
  5. In the dialog box, select a product.

    The product record displays in the Bundle Administration list.

  6. In the product record, edit the Description, Quantity, Sequence, and Forecastable fields as desired.
  7. Repeat these steps for each product you want to add to the bundle.
  8. Click Done.

    This releases the bundle for use by customers. A check mark displays in the Bundle check box in the product record form.

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