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Modifying Simple Product Bundles

You can modify a simple product bundle by changing the items in the bundle or by changing the quantity of items. Modifying a product bundle releases a new version of the bundle.

Modifying a bundle affects in-process and existing quotes and orders. When users save a quote or order containing a bundle for which there is a new version, they receive a message indicating that.

To modify a product bundle

  1. Navigate to Product Administration and query for the desired bundle.
  2. Click Bundle Administration.

    The products in the bundle appear.

  3. To edit a product's record, select the record and click Modify.
  4. To add a product, from the Bundle Administration menu, choose New Record.
  5. To delete a product, select its record, open the Bundle Administration menu, and choose Delete Record.
  6. When finished, click Done.

    This releases a new version of the bundle for use by customers.

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