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Setting Up Snapshot Mode on the Siebel Server

You should be familiar with server administration procedures before doing this procedure.

This procedure shows you how to turn on Snapshot Mode on the Siebel Server. In addition, there are several other Snapshot Mode server parameters for managing cache performance. These are described in There are two options for deploying server-based Siebel eConfigurator:.

To set up Snapshot Mode on the Siebel server

  1. Navigate to Server Administration > Servers.
  2. Highlight the desired server.
  3. Click the Server Parameters tab.
  4. In the Parameter field, query for eprodcfgsnapshotflg.

    The parameter description is: Product Configurator-collect and use the snapshots of the Cfg object.

  5. Set the Current Value to True.
  6. Set the Value on Restart to True.
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