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Refreshing the Cache with Product Changes

When you make changes to a product record, you can use the product record as a filter to selectively update the Snapshot Mode cache. The update removes all customizable products from the cache that contain the product.

The next time the users request the customizable product, they receive a freshly instantiated version reflecting the product change and the cache is refreshed with this version. For example, you could change the product description or part number and then refresh the cache.

This removes from the Snapshot Mode cache all the customizable products containing the product. The next time a user requests the customizable product, the cache will be refreshed with a new instance of the product. The new instance will reflect the product changes.

You cannot propagate changes to class assignment by doing this type of refresh.

To refresh the cache with product changes

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and edit any field in the desired product record.
  3. From the Products menu, choose Refresh Product Cache.
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