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Refreshing the Cache with Class Changes

If you have Snapshot Mode turned on and a customizable product that is affected by the class change is in the Snapshot Mode cache, the changes are not propagated to the cached version of the product. The next user that requests the customizable product will receive the cached version, which does not reflect the class changes.

To make sure users receive the class changes immediately, you can use a product class as a filter to selectively delete customizable products from the cache. When you do this, all customizable products containing the specified class are erased from the Snapshot Mode cache. The next time a users request the customizable product, it is retrieved from the database and added to the cache. This new instance will reflect the changes you made to the class.

To refresh the cache with class changes

  1. Navigate to Application Administration > Class Administration.
  2. Select a product class and modify it or its attribute definitions as needed.
  3. From the Classes menu, choose Refresh Class In Configuration Cache.

    This erases from the Snapshot Mode cache all customizable products containing products from the class. The next time a user requests a customizable product containing products from the class, the cache will be refreshed with a new instance of the customizable product. This new instance will contain the class changes.

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