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Adding a Customizable Product

You can add customizable products as components of other customizable products. This means you can create customizable products that are sub-assemblies and then include them as components in the final product. For example, you sell a configurable power supply and a configurable gearbox as part of an industrial lathe. You can create one customizable product for configuring the power supply and one for configuring the gearbox. You can then add both of these component customizable products to the industrial lathe customizable product.

In the Product Designer, when you add a customizable product to a relationship, its configurable parts do not display. Instead, the customizable product displays as a single product.

When you edit a customizable product and release it, the changes propagate to all customizable products containing it.

Use the following procedures to add a customizable product:

  • To add a customizable product that is not assigned to a class, use the procedure for adding a single product.
  • To add a customizable product that is a member of a class, use the procedure for adding a class.
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