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Editing a Relationship Definition

You can only edit the current work space of a customizable product. You cannot edit a version that has already been released. All the fields in a relationship definition can be edited except the relationship name. Changes are not propagated to other parts of the customizable product.

When you are finished editing, you can verify your work by validating the customizable product. Validating a customizable product displays the selection pages a user sees during a configuration session. To validate the customizable product, from the Products Designer menu, choose Validate.

To edit a relationship definition

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.
  3. From the Customizable Product Show menu, choose Product Designer.

    The Product Designer view appears.

  4. Select the desired relationship.
  5. Edit the fields in the relationship record as desired.
  6. Save the relationship record.
  7. Revise configuration rules, resource definitions, link definitions, and scripts as needed to reflect the changes.
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