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Creating a Customizable Product Work Space

A work space is what distinguishes a customizable product from a simple product. The work space is a context or container to which you add the component products, rules, resources, links, scripts, and user interface definition for a customizable product.

When you have tested the customizable product and are ready to publish it, you release a new version of the product. Releasing a version copies the current work space, assigns a version number to it, and makes the new version available to users.

The most recently released version is what users see when they configure the customizable product. When you release the first version of a customizable product, the system places a check-mark in the Customizable Product check box in the product record.

Once you have created a work space you must lock it before you can make changes to a customizable product.

To create a customizable product work space

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. In Products create a new product or select the desired product.
  3. Click the Customizable Product tab.

    The Customizable Product > Product Versions view appears. The Versions tab contains no records.

  4. In Lock/Unlock Product, from the menu, choose Create Work Space.

    A new record appears in Lock/Unlock Product. A work space record appears in the Versions tab.

  5. Click in the Locked Flag field.

    A check mark appears in the Locked Flag field. Your login ID appears in the Locked By field. The system date and time appear in the Locked Date field.

    You can now begin building the new customizable product.

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