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Refreshing the Work Space

If a customizable product contains relationships of type Dynamic Class, refreshing the work space copies a new instance of these product classes into the relationships. This means a fresh copy of all the products in the class become part of the customizable product instance.

For example, the number of products in a class has changed. You have defined a relationship of type Dynamic Class that specifies this product class. When you refresh the work space, the revised product class is copied to the relationship from the product table. When you view the relationship in the Product UI Designer or in Validate mode, the new products display.

Relationships of domain type Class and Product are not updated from the product table when you refresh the work space.

Refreshing the work space updates the products or attributes in a customizable product. The configuration rules, resource definitions, link definitions, and scripts that are part of the customizable product are not updated to reflect changes. You must manually make these updates.

To refresh the work space

  1. From the Customizable Product Show menu, choose Product Versions.

    The Product Versions view appears. You can also refresh the work space by opening the Product Designer menu.

  2. From the Lock/Unlock Product menu, choose Refresh Work Space.
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