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Deleting Item Groups

Item groups are the mechanism you use to group items onto selection pages. Depending on the product theme, each item group displays on a separate selection page. Deleting a group removes the page and all its items from the collection of pages used to configure a customizable product.

After you delete a group, you can verify your work by validating the customizable product. Validating a customizable product displays the selection pages a user sees during a configuration session. To validate the customizable product, from the Group Lists menu, choose Validate.

To delete an item group

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.
  3. From the Customizable Product Show menu, choose Product UI Designer.

    The Product UI Designer view appears.

  4. In the Group List, select the desired group.
  5. From the Group List menu, choose Delete Record.
  6. Click OK when asked to confirm you want to delete the record.
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