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Adding a Summary Page

You can add a summary page that shows the user how they have configured a product. This page displays the relationships from which the user has made selections along with attribute values. It also displays all the items the user has chosen.

Each relationship is a hyperlink. When the user clicks on the relationship name, the selection page containing that relationship displays, and the user can revise their selections.

Figure 11 shows an example of a summary page. The top portion of the page lists the relationships and the attribute values that have been selected. The bottom portion of the page shows the items that the user has selected from each relationship.

Figure 11.  Example of a Summary Page
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After you create a summary page, you can verify your work by validating the customizable product. Validating a customizable product displays the selection pages a user sees during a configuration session. To validate the customizable product, from the Group Lists menu, choose Validate.

To add a summary page

  1. In the product UI designer, create a group.
  2. In the Group Name field, enter the name that will be the tab or page title name.

    For example, enter Summary.

  3. In the Group Theme field, click the select button and choose the Summary Group Theme.

    If you are using the Menu templates, choose the Summary Menu Group Theme.

  4. In the Sequence field, enter a number to set the sequence of the summary page.

    To make the summary page the last page in the series, enter a sequence number that is higher than the other groups.

  5. Click Save to save the record.

    Records are not saved automatically when you step off the record. The system generates the summary page automatically. Do not add records to the group.

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