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Turning Off a Class-Product Template

When you turn off a class-product template, all its inherited features are removed from the members of its product class. The class-product's structure no longer appears in the Product UI Designer or in validation mode for members of the class. Turning off a class-product template is very similar in its effect to deleting an attribute at the class level.

UI groups are not affected when you turn off a class-product template. For members of the class, if you have added items to a UI group from a class-product template, you must manually remove them.

To turn off a class-product template

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select the desire class-product template.

    Verify that a check mark displays in the Class Product field.

  3. Click the Set as Class Product/Reset button.

    Verify that no check mark displays in the Class Product field.

  4. For every product in the same product class, open the Product UI designer and remove all the class-product template items from the UI groups.
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