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Converting a Bundle to a Regular Customizable Product

A bundle is a group of items sold as one product and is a special form of customizable product. A bundle has one or more relationships that have a Product domain. Bundles do not include a UI definition, configuration rules, links, resources, or scripts.

When you convert a bundle to a regular customizable product, you can work with the newly converted customizable product in the same way as a regular customizable product.

To convert a bundle to a regular customizable product

  1. Navigate to Product Administration and query for the desired bundle.
  2. Navigate to Customizable Product > Product Versions.
  3. In Lock/Unlock, click in the Locked Flag field.

    A check mark appears in the field.

  4. Click Release New Version.

    This converts the bundle to a regular customizable product. A check mark displays in the Customizable Product check box in the Product record. A check mark no longer displays in the Bundle check box.

  5. Revise existing quotes and orders as needed to reflect the change.
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