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Converting a Regular Customizable Product to a Bundle

When you convert a regular customizable product to a bundle, any items outside the scope of a bundle, such as configuration rules, stop being effective and are ignored. They are not erased from the definition and become effective again if you convert the bundle back to a customizable product.

Converting has the following effects:

  • All previous versions still display in Customizable Products > Versions.
  • The current work space is retained, but its contents are altered as described in the following items.
  • For relationships that have a Product domain, the product is added to the bundle.
  • For relationships that have a Class or Dynamic Class domain, only the product specified in the Default Product field is added to the bundle. If no product is specified, no product is added, even if the Default Cardinality is greater than one.
  • The quantity in the Default Cardinality field is used to determine the quantity of the product in the bundle. Other cardinality fields are ignored. If the default cardinality is blank or zero, the quantity of the product in the bundle is blank. When creating a quote, only those products with a quantity greater than or equal to one are displayed in the quote.
  • All selection page definitions, UI Property definitions, configuration rules, link definitions, resource definitions, and scripts are ignored and do not become part of the bundle. If you convert the bundle back to a regular customizable product, these again become effective.
  • When you convert a customizable product that inherits part of its structure from a class-product, none of the inherited structure becomes part of the bundle.
  • You cannot designate a bundle as a class-product.
  • If the Forecastable flag is set for a product in the Product Designer and the product becomes part of a bundle, the Forecastable flag remains set for the product in the bundle.

When a user adds a bundle to a quote or order, the bundle and its components display as separate line items. Users cannot start a configuration session.

The customizable product must have at least one released version before you can convert it to a bundle.

To convert a regular customizable product to a bundle

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.
  3. Make any desired changes and release a new version.
  4. Navigate to Bundle Administration and review the displayed contents.

    Bundle Administration displays the products in the customizable product that will be included in the bundle. If the contents are not correct, revise the customizable product and release a new version.

  5. In Bundle Administration, click Modify, then click Done.

    This converts the customizable product to a bundle and releases a new version. A check mark displays in the Bundle field in the product form. The check mark in the Customizable Product field is removed.

  6. Revise existing quotes and orders as needed to reflect the change.
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