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Defining a Customizable Asset

You define a customizable asset in Assets >Customizable Assets. This adds the customizable asset to the Customizable Asset dialog box in Quotes. Defining a customizable asset requires two steps:

  1. Create a customizable asset record.
  2. Configure the customizable asset.

Once you have defined a customizable asset, you can select it when creating delta quotes.

To create a customizable asset record

  1. Navigate to Assets.
  2. Add a new record.

    The system assigns an asset number and displays it in the Asset # field.

  3. Click in the Product field and display the Pick Product Form.
  4. In the Pick Product Form, put an X in the Customizable box and click Go.

    The Pick Product dialog box displays all the customizable products in the product table.

  5. Query for the customizable product on which the customer's customizable asset is based and click OK.

    The customizable product name displays in the Product field.

  6. In the Assets form Account field click the select button to display the Pick Account dialog box. Query for the desired account and click OK.

    This field filters the records displayed in the Customizable Asset dialog box in Quotes. The dialog box displays only the customizable assets that have the same account name as the account name in the Quotes record. If you do not assign an account name, the customizable asset displays every time the Customizable Asset dialog box is opened, regardless of the account.

  7. In the Asset Description field, enter a descriptive phrase or name that is meaningful to users creating quotes.

    This field displays in the Customizable Asset dialog box in quotes.

  8. Fill out the remaining fields in the Asset record as needed.

    For example, enter a product installed date and status.

The next step is to configure the root customizable product so that it has the same configuration as the product the customer has purchased.

To configure a customizable asset

  1. Review the customizable product configuration that the customer has purchased.

    Determine if a new version of the customizable product has been released and what effect this will have on configuring a customizable asset.

  2. Highlight the customizable asset record for which you want to create a configuration.
  3. Click the More Info tab to display the asset form and then click Customize.

    This starts a configuration session, similar to those users see when configuring customizable products in Quotes. The session displays the selection pages for the customizable product that the user purchased.

  4. Configure the customizable product to reflect what the customer purchased and exit the session. This includes configuring component attributes.

    This creates the configured customizable asset.

  5. In the Assets list, verify that the desired customizable asset is highlighted.
  6. Click the Attribute tab and set the value of attributes defined for the customizable asset as a whole and then click Save.
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