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About Customizable Assets and Delta Quotes

When creating a quote, users can choose to add to or modify customizable products the customer has already purchased. The customer's already-purchased customizable products are called customizable assets. The Quotes user creates a quote and selects a customer's customizable asset. The user then starts a configuration session and modifies the asset by adding or removing items. The user then saves the changes to the quote. The customizable asset, with revisions, displays in Quotes >Line Items.

In Quotes > Line Items > Line Item Detail, each item in the customizable asset displays a status in the Delta Status field:

  • Existing. All items that were not changed. These items display no price.
  • New. All items that have been added or for which the quantity increased. If the quantity of an item increased, the original quantity is shown with status Existing. A second entry in the quote shows the increase, has status New, and displays a price.
  • Removed. All items that were removed or decreased in quantity. If the quantity of an item is reduced, the new quantity is displayed with the status Existing. A second entry in the quote shows the reduction, and has status Removed. These items display no price.
  • Modified. All items for which attribute settings have changed. These items display a price.

Delta Quotes differ from Favorites in that only new or changed items from the configuration session have a price. Unchanged items are listed at zero price. When you add a Favorite to a quote, all the items in the customizable product have a price. Favorites are new products being sold for the first time. Delta Quote products are items being sold as add-ons or replacement components for products you have already sold.

The eConfigurator engine uses the name of the customizable asset's product root to determine what customizable product to load for the quote configuration session. If a new version of the customizable product has been released, the new version is used to modify the customizable asset. Any configuration conflicts that result are displayed during the configuration session and must be resolved. Item pricing is not maintained during the configuration session and should be ignored. Pricing is computed when the user saves the configuration to the quote.

The user adds a customizable asset to a quote by creating a quote and then clicking Delta Quote in Quotes >Line Items. This displays the Customizable Asset dialog box containing all the customizable product assets that have been configured for the account.

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