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About Bundles as Customizable Products

A bundle is a group of items sold as one product and is a special form of customizable product that has the following characteristics:

  • Bundles created in Bundle Administration also display in Customizable Products >Versions and in Product Designer.
  • A bundle is made up of one or more relationships that have a Product domain. Each relationship adds only one product to a bundle.
  • Bundles do not include a UI definition, configuration rules, links, resources, or scripts. Bundles do not include selection pages. Users do not configure a bundle by starting a configuration session.
  • The quantity of a product in a bundle is determined by the Default Cardinality of the product.
  • Bundles cannot be designated as class-products.

If you add items to a bundle that are not allowed, they are ignored. For example, if you define configuration rules for a bundle, they are ignored. When you convert bundles to regular customizable products, ignored items then become effective.

If you convert a customizable product to a bundle, only the items within the scope of a bundle are used. All other items, such as configuration rules, are ignored.

For more information on converting bundles, see Converting a Bundle to a Regular Customizable Product and Converting a Regular Customizable Product to a Bundle.

Regular customizable products are added to quotes using Siebel eAI. Bundles are added to quotes using internal code.

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