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Editing a Rule

In the Rules List, you cannot edit the definition of the rule in the Rule column. To edit the definition, you must display the rule in the Rule Statement tab, make your changes, and save the rule. When you save the rule, you can overwrite the rule with the changes or save the changes as a new rule.

The following procedure explains how to edit a rule definition and overwrite the rule with the changes.

To edit a rule

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.

    If you omit this step, the most recently released version of the customizable product is loaded in the Rule Designer, and you cannot create or edit rules.

  3. Click the Configuration Designer tab.

    The Rule Designer Rules List appears. It lists all the configuration rules that have been created for this customizable product.

  4. Select the desired rule.
  5. From the Rule List menu, choose Edit Record. The Rule Statement and "Insert a" tabs display. Edit the rule and click Quick Save.

    The edited rule displays in the Rules List.

  6. Open the Rules List menu and click Validate.

    This starts a configuration session. Verify that the edited rule works correctly.

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