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Copying a Rule

When you copy a rule, the system creates an exact duplicate of the rule and displays it in the Rule Designer. You can then edit the rule definition as desired.

If you copy a rule and make no changes to the copy, two exactly equivalent constraints are used to compute each solution. This does not cause a problem, and solutions are computed as if there was only one constraint.

Use the copy feature to create groups of rules that are similar. Start by creating the basic rule. Then copy it once for each rule in the group. Finally, edit the copies to create the rules in the group.

To copy a rule

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.

    If you omit this step, the most recently released version of the customizable product is loaded in the Rule Designer, and you cannot create or edit rules.

  3. Click the Configuration Designer tab.

    The Rule Designer Rules List appears. It lists all the configuration rules that have been created for this customizable product.

  4. Select the rule you want to copy.
  5. From the Rules List menu, choose Copy Rule.

    A copy of the rule appears in the Rules List. Its name begins with "Copy of."

  6. Click in the Name field and edit the rule name as desired.
  7. Edit the rule statement, explanation, and start/end dates as desired.
  8. Open the Rules List menu and click Validate.

    This starts a configuration session. Verify that the new rule works correctly.

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