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The Constrain template has the form:

Constrain [an expression] to be true

The constraint template is useful for making simple comparison or quantity expressions into top-level constraints. For example, you want make sure that there are exactly 4 of Item B in every solution:

Constrain [Item B = 4] to be true

You can also use the Constraint template to create exclude and require rules that have only one operand. For example the following rule excludes Item B from the solution:

Constrain [Item B =0] to be true

To require at least 1 Item B in the solution:

Constrain [Item B >= 1] to be true

By using Compound Logic operators, you can yoke conditions together and then allow or disallow the combination. For example, you want to make sure that if the quantity of Item A > 4 in the solution, then Item B must be less than 5, and vice versa:

Constrain [Item A > 4 AND Item B < 5] to be true

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