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Constrain Attribute Conditions

The Constrain Attribute Conditions template has the following form:

An attribute] [=] [a value] [requires or excludes] [an attribute] [=] [a value]

This template allows you to constrain the selectable values for one attribute based on the value the user selects for another attribute. The requires and excludes operators in this template work the same way as those in the Require and the Exclude templates.

Use this template when attribute choices for one item affect allowable attribute choices for another item. For example, you sell shirts in small, medium and large sizes. The user picks the size by selecting a value for the Size attribute. These shirts come in red, green, and blue for small and medium sizes. Large size shirts come in red only. The user picks the color by selecting a value for the Color attribute.

Use this template to write rules that restrict the choices available to the user when they pick a Size or Color. For example, you would write a rule that both blue and green colors exclude the large size. If the user selects Size large, the blue and green attributes cannot be selected for Color. If the user selects Color blue, then large cannot be selected for Size.

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