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Cfg_ItemChanged Event

After a user request is processed and the eConfigurator engine computes a new solution, this event is called for each component customizable product whose quantity has changed. The script associated with this event must be associated with the component customizable product.

For example, CP1 is a customizable product. One of its component products is customizable product CP2. A script inserted in the Cfg_ItemChanged event in CP2 runs when the quantity of CP2 changes while CP1 is being configured.

To set up a Cfg_ItemChanged script for the component customizable product CP2 you must do the following:

  • Select CP2 in the product table and lock its work space.
  • Open the script editor and select the Cfg_ItemChanged event.
  • Specify CP1 as the root product for the script.
  • Write the script, check its syntax, and save the script.
  • Release a new version of CP2.

This event provides a simple way to write scripts for a customizable product that run only when that product is a component of another customizable product. This event is called after the Cfg_ChildItemChanged event.

Upgrade users: Use the Cfg_ChildItemChanged event to obtain functionality similar to the Cfg_ItemChanged event in release 6.x.

In the selection pages for a customizable product, this event is called when the user selects the component customizable product. It is also called when the user increases or decreases the quantity of that product.


Cfg_ItemChanged (ProdName, OldQty, NewQty)



String. The name of the component customizable product. Use product name syntax


Integer. The component customizable quantity prior to the request.


Integer. The new baseline quantity for the component customizable product.


Use this event only to write scripts in customizable products that will be components of other customizable products.


Returns the component customizable product name, the quantity of it in the solution prior to the user request, and the quantity after the user request. This event does not return changes in the quantity of the products comprising a component customizable product.

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