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Cfg_OnConflict Event

This event is called for the product root when the eConfigurator engine encounters a conflict while computing a solution. A conflict is when a user action violates a constraint. The constraint can be in the declarative portion of the product or can be a user pick.

When this event is called, if no script is defined, the system's normal conflict resolution messages display. Typically, the user must add or remove items to resolve the conflict. The user can retain the last user-pick and undo a previous user-pick, or they can undo the last user pick.

If a script is defined, you can resolve the conflict in the script. The system does not prompt the user with a conflict message. Submitting a request in a script on this event is not recommended.


Cfg_OnConflict (Explanation, Resolution)



String. Passes in the system message explaining the conflict


String. Accepts as output one of the following values:

n UndoLastRequest. This argument causes an undo of the last user request.
n RemoveFailedRequests. This argument causes an undo on all user requests that cause the last request to fail. The last request is retained.

If neither of the previous arguments is passed as output, the system presents the user with the normal conflict messages.


Returns the system error message and accepts one of two values as output. The outputs are forwarded to the eConfigurator engine and are used to resolve the conflict.


Use this event to manage conflict resolution in the background. For example, you can could create If-then statements that pass one of the outputs depending on a configuration condition in the model. If the conditions for handling the output do not exist, then passing no value causes the normal conflict resolution message.

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