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Revising the System Default Cardinalities

When a you create a relationship in a customizable product, you can specify a minimum, maximum, and default cardinality. If you do not specify cardinalities, the system uses the following defaults:

  • Minimum cardinality = 0
  • Default cardinality = 0
  • Maximum cardinality = 999

If you do not specify cardinalities this means that users are not required to select any items from the relationship and are limited to selecting a maximum of 999 items.

You can change these defaults as needed. For example, you can set the maximum system default cardinality to a number larger than 999.

To revise the system default cardinalities

  1. In Siebel Tools, locate the Complex Product Structure BusComp.
  2. Within the business component, locate the desired field: Default Cardinality, Max Cardinality, or Min Cardinality.
  3. Display the user properties for the field.
  4. Set the Pre Default Value user property to the desired amount.

    The amount should be an integer that is greater than or equal to 0.

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