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Turning Off Default Instance Creation

When you add a customizable product to a quote, order, or agreement, a default product instance is created. This causes the default items in the customizable product to display as line items. When the user clicks Customize, another instance is created for the configuration session. The default instance is not used.

For large customizable products, creating the default instance can significantly increase the time required to add the customizable product to Line Items to the quote or order. To improve performance, you can turn off default instance creation. When you add a customizable product, this causes it to display as a single line item. The default components do not display as line items.

This will not affect performance when the user clicks Customize since this creates a new product instance. Turning off default instance creation applies only to customizable products. It does not apply to bundles.

To turn off default instance creation

  1. In Siebel Tools, locate the Quote, Agreements, or Orders business component.
  2. Display user properties.
  3. Set the Skip Loading Default Cfg Instance user property to Y.
  4. Recompile the desired application and test.
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