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About Siebel Outlook Add-In

The Siebel Outlook Add-In lets users link from Microsoft Outlook Calendar appointments, Contacts, and Tasks to Siebel records using controls in the Outlook interface.

The Siebel Outlook Add-In adds the following controls to the Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks views of the user's Outlook interface:

  • Siebel Options menu
  • Siebel toolbar
  • Right-click menu items
  • Siebel tab in Options dialog box

Using these controls a user can link Siebel records to Outlook calendar, contacts, or tasks records. For example, a user creates a calendar appointment in Microsoft Outlook and then links that appointment to a relevant Opportunity in the Siebel application. After a user links a Siebel record to an Outlook record, the user can use the link to navigate from Outlook directly to the linked record in the Siebel application.

Siebel Outlook Add-In uses the same permissions as PIMSI Engine for allowing specific users to synchronize calendar, contact, and task data. For more information about setting permissions, see Setting SSSE Group and User Access Controls.

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