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Process of Setting Up Siebel Outlook Add-In

Setting up Siebel Outlook Add-In consists of the following tasks, which you must complete in the order shown. The system administrator performs the first task on the Siebel Enterprise Server. The second task is required only if your implementation modifies the information that Outlook Add-In makes available. An administrator can perform it wherever there is access to your Siebel application and Enterprise database. Either the administrator or the end user performs the remaining tasks on the end user's machine.

To deploy the Siebel Outlook Add-In, complete the following tasks:

  1. Setting Enterprise Server Parameters
  2. (Optional) Setting Siebel Outlook Add-In Objects and Fields
  3. Installing Siebel Outlook Add-In
  4. Clearing Browser Objects
  5. Initializing Siebel Outlook Add-In
  6. Testing Siebel Outlook Add-In
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