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About Exchange Service Account Privileges

The Exchange Connector requires certain privileges in order for SSSE to function properly. This topic describes the necessary privileges.

The user name that the Exchange Connector runs under (the Exchange service account) must have administrative privileges including read/write access to the Exchange mailboxes of all users who will synchronize using SSSE. The account must be a domain account, not a local account.

You need only one Exchange service account for your whole Exchange infrastructure, regardless of how many Exchange servers you have. Exchange servers are not listed in the Siebel database. Instead, the Exchange Connector queries the Active Directory Global Catalog at runtime to determine which Exchange Server handles the mailbox for a given user (SMTP email address).

The Exchange service account can be administered entirely by your Windows administrators. Siebel administrators do not need to know the login credentials for the Exchange service account.

To manage the process of giving the Exchange service account read/write access to SSSE user mailboxes, you can use a script that gathers information about the applicable users from the Siebel User Map view. For more information about the script, see Configuring Exchange Service Account Credentials. Alternately, you can place all Exchange mailboxes for SSSE users on one or more designated Exchange servers, and give the connector read/write access at the server level, but this approach is not recommended if Exchange user mailboxes are frequently moved between Exchange Servers.

NOTE:  For proper operation of SSSE, each user to be synchronized must have an activated Exchange mailbox. The Exchange service account must also have an activated Exchange mailbox.

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