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Setting Up the Connector Share Directory

In SSSE's modular architecture, the Exchange Connector module provides the interface through which the PIMSI Engine communicates with an Exchange server. For the Siebel-provided Exchange connector, installation-specific configuration is required.

A portion of the Exchange Connector is a COM (Component Object Model) application. SSSE starts COM applications as needed. COM applications can run on any machine that hosts the Exchange Connector software, including any machine that hosts the PIMSI Engine component. For a COM application to function correctly, you must create a local shared directory on the machine where the COM application will run. The security and permissions for the shared directory should be configured to give the user account that runs PIMSI Engine full access rights to the directory. This user is sometimes called the SSSE startup user. For more information about security requirements for COM applications, see Configuring Exchange Connector Application DCOM Security.

Perform the following tasks to create a shared directory, and then register its location with SSSE.

You must create a shared directory on each machine that will run the Exchange Connector applications, and then register the location of the shared directory with SSSE, as described in the following procedures. These tasks are steps in Process of Configuring SSSE.

To create the shared connector directory

  1. On each machine where the Exchange Connector is installed, create a new folder.

    The folder name can be any name you choose.

  2. Right-click the folder, and choose Sharing and Security.
  3. In the Properties dialog box, select Share This Folder and enter a share name.
  4. Click Permissions to display the Permissions for <ShareName> dialog box.
  5. Click Add and enter the user name that the PIMSI Engine component runs under.

    If you want to increase security, also select Everyone and click Remove.

  6. Click OK to display the Properties dialog box, and click the Security tab.
  7. Enter the user name that the PIMSI Engine component runs under.

    If you want to increase security, also select Everyone and click Remove.

  8. Click OK twice.

To register the shared directory with SSSE

  1. From the Siebel application menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - PIM Server Integration > Configuration > PIM Server Integration Configuration.
  2. In the PIM Server Integration Configuration list, select the Exchange 2000 Connector record.
  3. In the Configuration Parameters list, click New, and then complete the fields as described in the following table.


    Engine Shares


    Sharen (where n is a unique number for each shared directory)


    <share pathname> (Example: \\MachineName\ShareName, where MachineName is the name of the Connector machine and ShareName is the name designating the shared directory.)

  4. Repeat Step 3 for each shared directory that you created. Increment the Parameter value to match the instance of the Exchange Connector software.

    For example, use either Share1 or Share01 for the first Exchange Connector instance, and Share2 or Share02 for the second Exchange Connector instance, and so on.

  5. Restart the Siebel Servers on your PIMSI Dispatcher and PIMSI Engine machines.

    For information about restarting Siebel Servers, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

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