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Process of Configuring SSSE

To configure SSSE, perform the following tasks:

  1. Modifying the Database
  2. Modifying the Repository
  3. Modifying Seed Data
  4. Verifying SSSE Component Definitions
  5. Setting Up the Connector Share Directory
  6. Configuring Exchange Service Account Credentials
  7. Setting System Preferences for SSSE
  8. Configuring the Database for SSSE
  9. Populating DB_LAST_UPD Columns
  10. Configuring the IIS Web Server for Exchange
  11. Configuring Exchange Connector Application DCOM Security
  12. Designating Trusted Exchange Servers
  13. Modifying Log File Settings
  14. Configuring the Generic Siebel Organizer
  15. Configuring the Default Account
  16. Tuning SSSE Siebel Profile Parameters
  17. Configuring Exchange Connector Parameters
  18. Enabling and Disabling Components on SSSE Servers
  19. Restarting Siebel Services
  20. Configuring and Starting PIMSI Dispatcher

The following configuration task is optional:

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