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Configuring and Starting PIMSI Dispatcher

PIMSI Dispatcher runs as a job on a Siebel Server machine. This topic discusses PIMSI Dispatcher job parameters.

PIMSI Dispatcher runs for a certain amount of time for each dispatching cycle. The amount of execution time is dependent upon your current configuration (the number of active users, machine configuration, and so on).

Under certain conditions, PIMSI Dispatcher may enter a recovery mode to identify PIMSI Engines that have stopped working and to recover any resources those Engines had been using, so that synchronization can resume. When PIMSI Dispatcher enters the recovery mode, multiply NotificationFrequency by ReconciliationDuration to determine the increase in the amount of time the PIMSI Dispatcher requires to complete its run. For more information about the NotificationFrequency and ReconciliationDuration parameters, see Configuring the Default Account.

The following procedure describes how to create the PIMSI Dispatcher job, tune the job's parameters, and start the job. This task is a step in Process of Configuring SSSE.

To create the PIMSI Dispatcher job and tune its parameters

  1. Log in to your Siebel application as an administrator and navigate to Site Map > Administration - Server Management > Jobs.
  2. In the Jobs List or the Jobs Detail form, click New.
  3. Complete the fields as described in the following table.

    For more information about starting jobs, see Siebel System Administration Guide.



    Specify PIMSI Dispatcher.


    Specify Asynchronous.

    Requested Server

    Specify the machine where you installed the Siebel Server software for PIMSI Dispatcher.


    Select the check box.

    Repeat Unit

    The suggested value is Minutes.

    Repeat Interval

    It is strongly recommended that you use the suggested value of 5.

    NOTE:  Setting a Repeat Interval smaller than five minutes can cause SSSE to miss some Siebel updates, causing incomplete synchronization and possibly decreasing performance throughout the Siebel Enterprise.

    Repeat From

    The suggested value is End.


    The suggested value is 0.

  4. Save the record and click Start to begin the initial extract.

    Ongoing extracts follow automatically, separated by the repetition interval.

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