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Setting Exchange Connector Log Levels

Log files for the Siebel Exchange Connector are located in the siebsrvr\log directory on each machine where the sspicnea.exe application runs. The Exchange Connector log files have names with the format PIMSIExchConnApp_processID.log. These log files contain Exchange Connector messages regarding the synchronization of users with Exchange.

By default, the Siebel Exchange Connector applications log messages at log level 2. The following procedure describes how to increase or decrease the log level for the application. This task is an optional step in Process of Configuring SSSE.

To increase or decrease the log level of a Siebel Exchange Connector application

  1. On each machine where the Siebel Exchange Connector application (sspicnea.exe) runs, right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Click Environment Variables.
  4. In the System Variables area of the dialog box, click New.
  5. In the Variable Name field of the New System Variable dialog box, enter SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS.
  6. In the Variable Value field, enter PIMSIEngSvc=n, where n is a value from 1 through 5, inclusive, and then click OK twice.
  7. Restart all of your PIMSI Engine components.

    Any change in the log level requires that the application be restarted. The Siebel Exchange Connector application automatically restarts when you restart PIMSI Engines.

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