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About Siebel Calendars and Views

Depending on your Siebel implementation, you may have access to one or more types of calendars. Table 42 lists the available Siebel calendars and views. For the Embedded Outlook Calendar, the Outlook View Control is embedded in the Siebel application to allow viewing of the Outlook calendar from within the Siebel application. This calendar is represented by a single view called HI Activity Outlook Calendar View. This view works only in High Interactivity (HI) mode.

Calendar Visibility

The regular Siebel view visibility controls the visibility of the three calendar types (SI Calendar, HI Calendar, and Embedded Outlook Calendar). If a user has a responsibility that permits visibility of all three views, then three Calendar links appear on the user's Calendar tab. Each link corresponds to one of the calendar types.

Table 42 illustrates the calendar views associated with responsibilities.

Table 42. Calendars and Views
View Name

Standard Interactivity (SI) Calendar

eCalendar Daily View

Daily calendar

SI Calendar
(and many others)

eCalendar Weekly View

Weekly calendar

eCalendar Monthly View

Monthly calendar

High Interactivity (HI) Calendar
(aka JavaScript Calendar)

HI Activity Calendar View

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly calendars in a single view

Many responsibilities

Embedded Outlook Calendar

HI Activity Outlook Calendar View

Outlook calendar

Embedded Outlook Calendar

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