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Creating, Modifying, or Deleting a Contact

You can add a new contact, modify an existing contact, or delete a contact in either the Siebel application or Outlook.

If you add a new contact in the Siebel application, you must also add yourself to the contact record's Sync List in order for the contact record to be synchronized in Microsoft Exchange. For information about adding a yourself to a contact record's Sync List, see Designating Contact Records for Synchronization.

If you add a new contact in Microsoft Outlook, you must place an appropriate value in the Category field in order for the contact record to be synchronized in the Siebel application. One value in the Category field for the contact in Outlook must match the value defined in the PIM Category Value field for the contact domain. (You can specify more than one value for the Category, as long as you include the required value.) The default for the required value is Siebel Contact.

After the initial synchronization of a contact record, subsequent synchronizations are automatic.

NOTE:  Employee contacts in Outlook are a special case. See Synchronizing Employees.

If you delete a business contact in Outlook, synchronization removes you from the Sync List for the corresponding Siebel contact record, but the contact record itself continues to exist in the Siebel database.

If you delete a personal contact in Outlook, synchronization deletes the corresponding Siebel personal contact record from the Siebel database.

If any Siebel user is removed from the Sync List of a business contact record or personal contact record in the Siebel application, synchronization deletes that user's corresponding contact record in Outlook.

If multiple sync-enabled Siebel users are added to the Sync List of a contact record in the Siebel application, then SSSE synchronizes the contact record with the Exchange mailboxes of all the users who are on the Sync List.

If the Allow MVG Creation check box is not selected for a particular user in the User Level Access Control list, and if the administrator has set default values for the Account, Personal Address, and Business Address fields in the Siebel Domains, then if a new address or account is added to one of the user's contact records in Outlook, SSSE uses the administrator-supplied default value when the record is synchronized with the Siebel application.

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