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Changing Contact Domains

You can change a Personal Contact to a Business Contact in either the Siebel application or Microsoft Outlook, by clearing the Private check box for the record. After you make this change, the record disappears from your Siebel Personal Contacts List and appears in your Siebel Contacts List. (A Personal Contacts record is deleted and a Business Contacts record is created.) If you make the change in the Siebel application, synchronization automatically clears the Private check box in Outlook.

However, you can only change a Business Contact to a Personal Contact in Outlook, by selecting the Private check box. After you make this change, the next synchronization removes you from the Sync List for the corresponding record in the Siebel Contacts List, and a new record appears in your Siebel Personal Contacts List.

NOTE:  It is not possible to select a Private checkbox for a Business Contact record in the Siebel application.

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