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About Using SSSE with Employee Records

Employees in the Siebel application are Contacts in Microsoft Outlook. SSSE distinguishes employees from other contacts in Microsoft Exchange Server by the use of an appropriate Category value. The default Category value for indicating an employee is Employee.

The SSSE administrator sets Employee synchronization levels to either Export Only or None. Employee records are synchronized only if the user designates them for synchronization by using the Add To Sync List command. The Add To Sync List command adds the current user to the Sync List MVG field for the selected record.

NOTE:  SSSE does not support the synchronization of Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Server distribution lists. SSSE can synchronize only individual contacts and employees.

Topics in This Section

Synchronizing Employees

Designating Employee Records for Synchronization

Ending Synchronization of Employee Records

Creating or Modifying an Employee

Deleting an Employee

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