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Invoking SmartScripts Through the User Interface

If a SmartScript is not opened by an incoming phone call with Siebel CTI, called by Siebel VB or Siebel eScript from inside a Siebel application, or opened by a hyperlink, an employee can start a SmartScript from the SmartScript user view.

To invoke a SmartScript from the standard SmartScript user view

  1. In the Home page, click View > Site Map > SmartScripts.

    In some applications like Call Center, SmartScript appears as a screen tab.

  2. Click the SmartScripts menu, and choose All SmartScripts to see all available SmartScripts.
  3. Click a script hyperlink to open it.
  4. To find a particular SmartScript, click the menu button and choose New Query.

    A form with one row appears.

  5. Enter a search string in the Name field.

    For example, to find all SmartScripts whose names begin with the letters ABC, enter ABC*. Use the asterisk as a wild card.

  6. Click the menu button again and choose Run Query.

    The SmartScript list reopens, listing all scripts with names that match the search string. You can also use predefined queries to view all SmartScripts for a particular language.

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