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Setting SmartScripts to Open Automatically

SmartScripts can be set to run automatically when a user navigates to a particular view. To configure SmartScripts to run automatically, the SmartScript player applet must be added to the view, and a SmartScript must be associated with that view.

Use Siebel Tools to add the SmartScript player to a view. See Siebel Tools Reference for information. Use the SmartScript View Administration View to add SmartScripts to a view.

To set SmartScripts to open automatically

  1. In the SmartScript Administration screen, choose Views from the Show drop-down list.
  2. Select the view that will activate SmartScript.
  3. Select the SmartScript to be run when this view is accessed.

When you have completed these steps, SmartScript can be activated by navigating to a view.

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