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Creating Answers

You create answers in the SmartScript Questions Administration view.

It is possible to create selectable answers in the SmartScript definition itself, or to have the selection come from a business component. See Working with Questions, Answers, and Translations for detailed information on creating answers.

To create an answer

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration > Questions.
  2. In the Questions list, select the question for which you will be adding an answer.
  3. Click the Answers view tab, and click New.
  4. Enter a display order for this answer under this question.

    Lower-numbered answers are displayed first. You may want to number the initial display order by tens to allow space for later additions and changes.

  5. Enter the text or value for the answer, and its currency, if applicable.

The answer record is automatically saved as a child to the question. Repeat the above steps to add another answer to this question.

NOTE:  Answers are saved to the business component only after the script completes. For more information see Working with Questions, Answers, and Translations.

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