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Translating Questions

You can translate questions displayed to a SmartScript user into any supported language. If you are going to translate questions into other languages, you must be sure to translate all questions within the script into that same language, as failure to do so may results in the script failing.

See Working with Questions, Answers, and Translations for detailed information on creating question translations.

To create a question's translation

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration > Questions.
  2. Click the Translations view tab, and click New.
  3. Click in the Language row, and click the select button.
  4. In the Pick Language Name pop-up window, select a language for your question, and click OK.
  5. Click in the Question column, and enter the question text.

    Repeat the above steps for every language in which the question will be displayed.

NOTE:  Every question in the script must have a translation in the same language or languages in order to execute.

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