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Creating Questions

You create questions in the SmartScript Question Administration view. Because questions are stored separately from the script itself, they can be used more than once in a script and can be used in multiple scripts.

A question element can be an instruction to the agent or employee on how to proceed or to an agent on how to interact with the customer. Or, it can be a block of text to be read and acted on by the user.

See Working with Questions, Answers, and Translations for more information on creating questions.

To create a question

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration > Questions.
  2. Click New, and in the More Info form, enter the question's attributes.

Table 2 details the attributes a question can have. Table 3 shows the question answer types you have to choose from.

Table 2. Question Attributes
Question Setting


Identifier used by the administrator for the question.

Answer Type

Data type for the answer to this question. See Table 3 for a list of answer types.

Answer Control

Indicates which answer control you will use to display your question, such as radio button, drop-down list and so on. For more information on answer controls, see Displaying Answers Within a SmartScript.

Pick Only

Indicates that the answer must be chosen from the list of answers attached to the question.

If this box is not checked, you may still use a picklist, but agents may enter answers that are not on the list.

Must Answer

Indicates whether this question is optional, always required, or required only if it is reached.

Note that when a question has branches from all of its answers, the Must Answer attribute must be set to Must Answer or Answer if Reached.

Default Answer

The default answer displayed for the question.

Save Answer Table

If the script session is being saved, selecting this flag will also save this question and answer to the answer table.

Table 3 describes the data types that are available as answer types for SmartScript questions.

Table 3.  SmartScript Question Answer Types
Answer Type


Alphanumeric characters


Whole number only


Numerals only


Numerals only; uses currency code and exchange date for currency conversion


Yes or No answer; usually displayed as a check box


Date only

Date & Time

Date and time


Time only

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