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The Employee's Screen

The agent's interface to SmartScript is part of the standard Siebel Web client. The screen consists of a standard explorer view which allows the user to navigate through the script, and the SmartScript Player where the actual SmartScripts are displayed.

If a script is not launched by an incoming phone call by way of Siebel CTI, or called by Siebel VB or Siebel eScript, the agent must click the SmartScript screen tab to invoke SmartScript. When an agent opens SmartScript, a list appears from which the agent clicks on a hyperlink to select a script and a language. Only active scripts that have been translated into the selected language and are valid for the user's organization will be displayed.

Once a script has been opened, users can read or answer questions, move to the next or previous set of questions, cancel or finish a script, or finish it to be restarted later.

SmartScript Explorer

After the agent opens a script, a hierarchical view of the script, called the SmartScript Explorer, is displayed on the left side of the screen.

The SmartScript Explorer allows viewing and navigating through a script in a more dynamic, flexible way. It includes the standard Windows + and - icons that signify whether additional information can be displayed below the icon. Different icons represent different things:

  • Green check mark icons signify questions that you have answered satisfactorily.
  • Yellow question mark icons signify optional questions or prompts.
  • Red question mark icons signify mandatory questions.

On the right side of the screen is the SmartScript Player in which questions and information text will be generated automatically based on the answers provided earlier in the script. Answer fields are represented by standard Siebel controls such as text boxes, pick applets, and drop-down list boxes.

By default, as the script is executed, the SmartScript Explorer displays a list of the questions on the current page as well as the status of those questions. As the agent records answers to questions and selects the next button, the SmartScript Explorer automatically reflects these developments.

Customer Dashboard

Displayed along the top of the agent's SmartScript screen is a text box called the SmartScript Customer Dashboard, which displays persistent data acquired from the script or from an outside source, such as Siebel CTI or a database query. The Customer Dashboard can, for example, display agent statistics such as average call time and call-queue status, as well as callers' answers to particularly important questions, such as those that elicit the customer's name or account number. This data is displayed no matter which page of a SmartScript is current. See Modifying the Dashboard for overview information on updating the Customer Dashboard from previous releases of Siebel applications. See Siebel Tools Reference for more detailed instructions about the Customer Dashboard.

SmartScript Buttons

The following buttons appear in the SmartScript user interface of employee applications.

  • Finish: Finishes the script session.
  • Cancel: Cancels the script session.
  • Finish Later: Allows the user to resume a SmartScript at the point where it was left off. Users can resume scripts from the My Saved Sessions view.
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