Siebel SmartScript allows business analysts, call center managers, and Siebel developers to create scripts to define the application workflow for interactive customer communications. The flow of the interaction is determined entirely by the script, not by the agent or customer.

Siebel SmartScript guides agents through each customer interaction, suggesting products and services based on the customer's profile, environment, current requirements, and buying patterns. SmartScript helps agents overcome customer objections, address competitive issues, and, in service calls, ask the right questions to resolve problems. Escalations and fulfillments are routed automatically. Department administrators can create business process workflows and scripts and then change them in real time to improve productivity without interrupting call center operations.

SmartScript can be used for customer applications, allowing the same troubleshooting scripts to be shared between customers using the Siebel eService site, and call center agents using Siebel Call Center.

Traditional communications include inbound interactions, where a customer calls a customer service agent and receives information about loan processing, or a service issue. Outbound interactions involve agents contacting customers, such as telemarketing.

Siebel eBusiness customer communications include eMarketing applications where customers interact with Web surveys, or email questionnaires, or customers using interactive troubleshooting guides on Service Web sites.

Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide