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Benefits of SmartScripts

Siebel SmartScript offers these fundamental benefits:

  • Software-controlled workflow. SmartScript enforces the business processes of the enterprise by means of a script that the call center agent or customer must follow. The script guides the agent or customer through each step of the appropriate business process, typically by providing a sequence of questions. SmartScript selects the appropriate branch of questions as needed. Branching activity is based on the answers and responses selected by the customer or prospect.
  • Reduced training time. SmartScript guides even inexperienced users through a set process. Users are prompted with what questions to answer or ask, and what information to read.
  • Simple workflow design and implementation. SmartScript allows business analysts and call center managers, rather than systems analysts or programmers, to design and implement the workflow. This brings first-hand knowledge to process definition, allowing business experts to build SmartScripts question by question.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface. SmartScript Designer is a visual tool that allows a script administrator to create scripts by graphically manipulating script elements to define a workflow. Technical programming skills are not required; however, an analyst who does have programming skills can use Siebel VB or Siebel eScript to enhance and extend the capabilities of SmartScripts.
  • Personalized Interaction. Both the questions that are asked, and the logic of the script can be adjusted based on customer information or on answers provided previously in the script. This allows each experience using the script to be personalized and effective.
  • Dynamic updating. Using branching logic, SmartScript displays only those questions in a script that are pertinent to a given transaction.
  • Search Center integration. SmartScripts may now be searched against and displayed in the Search Center results field. The user may then click on the hyperlink and launch the SmartScript.
  • Dashboard. Information gained from a SmartScript can be dynamically updated to the customer dashboard so it can be viewed during the course of the customer interaction.
  • Efficient modification and reuse of scripts. Scripts are built of modular elements: questions, pages of questions, answers, branching instructions. An element, such as a page of questions—or even an individual question—can be used in multiple scripts or in multiple language translations for a single script.
Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide