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Revision History

Table 1. Changes Made in Version 7.5.3

Releasing Scripts

Revised for 7.5.3: Added overview of release process.

Formatting Question Text Using HTML Tags

Revised for 7.5.3: Added text about Information label text and the way in which you customize this text.

SmartScript Diagnostics

New for 7.5.3: Added new topic.


Revised for 7.5.3: Added to definition.

Version 7.5, Rev A

Table 2. Changes Made in Version 7.5, Rev A

The Employee's Screen

Added discussion of functionality of SmartScript buttons in employee user interface.

Displaying Answers Within a SmartScript

Added note indicating that SmartScripts cannot be configured to handle association applets.

Data Storage in SmartScript

Added more information about Save Session parameter.

Overview of Migration from Pre-Siebel 7 Releases of SmartScript

Added a note indicating that browser scripts are not supported in SmartScripts.


Added Siebel eScript example.

Additional Changes

Added new heading structure to make HTML navigation easier.

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