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Converting a Script Wizard into a SmartScript

Siebel Script Wizard was a tool that created scripts that populated the fields of a single applet, instead of scripts that represented an entire transaction's workflow. Post-Siebel 7 SmartScript does not allow you to create or use Script Wizards, but it does help you convert them into regular scripts.

The conversion process involves the following steps:

  • Use the convert utility to convert a Script Wizard into a SmartScript
  • Establish the business object information for the script and the questions
  • Select the correct picklist applet information for the reconstituted script
  • Add a Save Currency Field if the field is a currency field

NOTE:  Script Wizards appear only in the SmartScript Administration Script Wizard view.

To convert a Script Wizard into a SmartScript script

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration > Script Wizard.
  2. In the Script Wizard Administration view, select the Script Wizard that you need to convert.

    You may import Script Wizards from a different environment, but all Script Wizards must be upgraded before they can run in the post-Siebel 7 environment.

  3. Click the Script Wizard menu, and select Export.

    This is an optional step which allows you to make a backup of your script wizard before converting.

  4. Click the Script Wizard menu, and select Convert.

    The confirmation view appears. Once you click OK, the script will no longer be available in the Script Wizard view, but only in the SmartScript view.

  5. From the Show drop-down list, select Scripts, and in the Scripts form, check that the BusComp field in the script is the same as the business component on which the script button that invokes the SmartScript is based.

    See Creating Questions for more information.

  6. In the Questions view, open the first question in the script, and complete the Save BusObj field.

    See Creating Questions for more information.

  7. For each question, specify how answer data will be selected.

    If answer data should be selected from an applet, the Save Field should specify the appropriate data for that applet, and a pick or MVG applet should be selected.

    NOTE:  If the answer field is a currency field you must add a Save Currency Field to make sure that the field is updated.

  8. Check all other details in the script to make sure that nothing has been omitted and that it functions properly.

    It is recommended that you verify and test the Script Wizard-based script as you would any new script.

  9. Release the script.

NOTE:  Entering the business component at the script level will allow the new SmartScript to be automatically executed from the script buttons on the Account, Opportunity, and Contact profile views.

Selecting Picklists for Questions

In earlier versions of Siebel applications, Script Wizard derived the pick applet and MVG applet automatically from the parent applet definition. Post-Siebel 7, you must explicitly specify this information.

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