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Defining Question Text and Translations

In SmartScript, the text of each question is treated as a translation, no matter what the language. Even if you only create questions in your native language, you must define the text of each question as a translation. For example, if you label a question in American English, you must then enter the question text, in American English, in the translation form.

NOTE:  Once you have decided to translate into a particular language, you must translate all questions in the script to that language. If you do not translate every question within the SmartScript, your script may not run properly.

For information on the creation and translation of questions see Fundamentals of SmartScript Creation.

To create a question's translation

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration > Questions.
  2. In the Questions list, select the question for which you want to define question text.
  3. Click the Translations view tab, then click New.
  4. In the Language field, click the select button.
  5. In the Pick Language Name pop-up window, select the language in which you will create the question text and click OK.
  6. Click the Question field, then type the text of the question in the chosen language.
  7. From the Translations menu, select Save Record.

NOTE:  Every question in the script must have a translation in the same language in order to execute.

For each additional language in which the question will be displayed, return to Step 3. Each translation is saved to the database with the question.

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