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Creating Answers

To define an answer for a question, use the Answers Administration form in the SmartScript Administration Questions screen.

If the question merely presents information, no answer is required. If the answer options are coming from a Siebel buscomp, then you do not need to enter answers into the script definition.

If the answer consists of words, you first define the answer in the base language. If you are required to provide a translation, you can then provide Answer Translations text in the different required languages, as needed for each answer. Answer translations are optional, but be aware, if you provide one translated answer within a script, you must translate every subsequent answer.

If an answer consists of numeric values (such as answers whose Answer Type is integer, number or currency) there is no need for translation, as long as the unit of measure is unmistakable.

For information on creating and translating answers see Fundamentals of SmartScript Creation.

To create an answer

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration > Questions.
  2. In the Questions list, select the question for which you want to define answers.

    If Pick Only is checkmarked for the question, can have more than one answer, and as a result, you must specify all valid answers.

  3. Click the Answers view tab, then click New.
  4. Complete the fields, which are described in Table 7, and then click Save.
    Table 7. Answer Forms
    Answers Form Field


    Provide a number that will determine the display order for this answer under this question. Lower-numbered answers are displayed first. Recommendation: Assign numbers that are multiples of ten (10, 20, 30...) to allow space for later additions and changes.


    Define a name for this answer that is unique within the context of the question.


    Optional: If the answer will include monetary amounts, click the select button to open the Pick Currency Code dialog box. Select the currency information appropriate for the country or region and click OK. The appropriate symbol for the currency will appear with this answer.

    The new answer definition appears in the Answers list. The answer record is automatically saved as a child of the question. To add another answer to this question, repeat Step 3 and Step 4.

    If answer translations are needed, you may want to define a placeholder row for each translation in the Answer Translations list. Establish a policy and a procedure for providing translation text.

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